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DS Commando's is an attempt to create an online/real life community of like minded Wireless DS players, were we can interact, Discuss, freak out, whatever, about all things Nintendo, BUT MOST importantly to set up a community with in Toronto, sort of like Mobile wireless gameing gypsies, to we can hold wireless LAN parties on The SubWay on Street cars, PUB's, Patio's anywhere really... but somewhere really cool... like NOT your basement ( or mine for that matter ) this is a chance to really do some creative stuff if we can put our heads together, even plan event, maybe even a wireless gameing RAVE, i dunno.. this is a place for all of us to shoot those ideas around..

basically we all have these Wirless devices now and just how many times have you actually USED that feature? well this is your chance, in groups of 5, 10 or 100 people.. if there are enough of us...

all are welcome to join and contribute...

keep in mind this is new, so as soon as there are enough of us we can take toronto by STORM and create Wirless DS chaos...

Obviously GBA and GBA-sp and GBA-Micro users are welcome!!!